Amazon get Premier League package

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Along with BT who buy remaining bundle.


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    A bit more from the BBC here which summarises all the packages:
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    This is fantastic news. Amazon prime just getting better and better.
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    BT Sport: 52 matches per season consisting of - Package A, 32 games on a Sat at 12.30pm and the newly acquired 20 game Package G, consisting of 15 mid-week fixtures and 5 games from a split weekend.

    Amazon Prime
    : Package F, which consists of one bank holiday round (which will be Boxing Day*) streaming 10 staggered live games and one 10 game mid-week round of games*, all live streamed (which will also be in Dec).
    *Note - Boxing day and mid-weeks fixtures are sometimes split over 2 days, to which Amazon have the rights to both.  **
    ** November and December are the traditional months when the majority of new subscribers sign up for Amazon Prime, so it makes perfect sense to screen the games in Dec.

    Both companies have been reported to have paid peanuts for the 2 unwanted first round packages.
    For BT its well trodden ground. For Amazon, it a 'dip toe in water' exercise which although undisclosed, is believed to have cost them very little. BT paid £90m for 20 games, which should give an indication of scale.
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