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The archived post section is useless I can remember a number of times I and many others have had a genuine need to post in older threads. This is taking that away from us which could mean having to post a new thread with links to the old thread which is inconvenient or new members not bothering to post at all if they find a relevant thread but can't post in it.

Whoever made this decision has made a mistake.


  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,109Administrator admin
    Hi Daniel,

    The archived posts section was implemented so that threads regarding Old Gen, old features or news are not being bumped on the forum. These can contain out-dated information or information which no longer applies to the boxes. We feel that if there's been no posts on a topic in over a year and a half, that the topic is suitable to be archived. The posts can still be viewed and the information is there but there is no longer the option for users to comment.

    We have been monitoring the site and thread traffic since adding the Archived Posts category and have found the post counts, views and general traffic have not changed. 

    We're hoping to encourage all users to start their own threads rather than bumping older ones as this can cause notifications to be sent to all users who also participated in the old thread which isn't always ideal. Bumping old threads makes them appear on the list of recent threads which can also cause confusion to new users viewing the forum as it's resurfacing old issues or information. When users post in these older threads, we need to split the thread, move the post/s, rename the thread and notify the user so they know where their thread is.

    We understand that a lot of people use search engines to get help and through this, they usually stumble upon an old thread, however with the forum update last October, we feel it's now easier and clearer for users to now start their own threads from any page they land on. 

    Although there's a lot of old threads in this category, we haven't moved all of them there so if there's any other specific threads you feel should be taken out of the Archived Posts category please let us know. 

    I hope these provides some more reasoning as to why we added the Archived Posts category. 

  • DanielDaniel Posts: 1,948Member ✭✭✭
    Hi Sarah thanks for your response. I have sent you a private message about a thread I would be concerned with. Thanks.
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