Series link not working

akd9471akd9471 Posts: 1Member
Over the last week I've had to keep resetting  various series links which have always worked before. 
I've got 58% free on the youview box.

Programmes include:
Coronation street  (ITV HD)
Humans  (C4 HD Thurs 9pm)
Plebs (BBC2 HD Tues 1.30am)
Young Sheldon (E4 Thurs 9pm)

I've also noticed that even if I select to record the series, the record icon in the 'scheduled' list is that for 'episode' record not 'series' record (but they are ok when I look at the programme guide).

Is this a problem with the box? I had to change my box after the digital switchover a few years ago because series link stopped working.


  • RoyRoy Posts: 13,832Member ✭✭✭
    For a Series, the My TV Schedule always shows an entry only for the next episode only, but the text should say Series.

    Digital switchover in Great Britain was completed by 24 October 2012, when YouView, which was never analogue, had barely got started, so I think you must mean some other switchover?

    But I can’t see how that would break a YouView box anyway.

    Have you tried a soft reset? While not recording, nor about to, touch the On/off button, left of the fascia on the box (or the centre ring on T1000s), for just over 8 seconds until it soft reboots.

    Cures a lot of ills with the operation of the boxes.
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