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My box has started displaying this message stating my Ariel signal is week and I have no channels..it was all working fine until a week ago and I know my Ariel is fine as now have it plugged direct into my tv where it works fine so the issue must be the youview box..I have rebooted it several times and this isn't solving it..Do I need a new BOX?


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    Hi @jeffers

    We are aware of some areas of the UK still being affected by high atmospheric pressure which does cause YVM302 errors which indicate weak signal. For the last week or so, many areas of the UK have been affected by high pressure due to the clear and hot weather we've been having. You can monitor the atmospheric pressure here

    Unfortunately we can't do much when about this particular issue as it's based on the weather however we do recommend not to try retuning your box when the pressure is high as this can cause you to temporarily lose some channels. We're hoping that as there's some more cloud from today onwards, the issue shouldn't be as prominent as it is when it's very clear and hot. 

    It would be worth checking your signal strength and quality on channels which are problematic and monitor it throughout the day, as if it is the high pressure, it generally should be better in the mornings and evenings when it's not hot. 

    For now, go through the steps in this article (apart from retuning) to see if that makes any difference. If those steps don't help then it's most likely due to the high atmospheric pressure we're experiencing due to the hot weather. 


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