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My box is set to record some comedy shows from GOLD, it's been working fine till today when instead of HI-De-Hi & Ever Decreasing Circles  I got Last of the Summer Wine & Tommy Cooper, it says on the screen display the correct show names but has not recorded them, yesterdays were fine, any ideas, should I re-schedule them ???


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    Hi @jonboy
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    This will most likely have happened due to the Content provider broadcasting the wrong programme or failing to update the data in the guide to advertise the new programme.
    As it's a subscription channel, we'd recommend that you reach out to your service provider regarding this error to let them know. You can also contact UKTV (the company behind Gold) here
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    All four shows are in today’s Gold schedule.

    What were the time slots you recorded?

    Are you saying that you recorded a scheduled Hi-De-Hi, got a recording called Hi-De-Hi, but when you play it, you get LOTSW?

    It’s not entirely clear; but does it fit the hypothesis that Gold broadcast the wrong shows, and your YouView box innocently recorded what it was given?
    Three cheers for reasoned debate, whether for or against
  • jonboyjonboy Member Posts: 5
    I recorded them  early morning, it worked fine the day before & also the day after, I have had  this before on GOLD when just watching , a different programme is shown to the one advertised  - Thanks for your interest..
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