App Programme Guide shows the wrong time

The App on my Samsung tablet shows the correct time as does the tablet but all the programmes are indicated as being transmitted one hour later, which they are not! Even the details of the programme gives a time one hour out!
I have reinstalled the App twice and there is no change AND now it will not communicate with TV
My smartphone App shows the correct transmission time as does the TV.
I own my own Youview boxes so can not contact BT etc 


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 16,550 ✭✭✭
    According to YouView, if BT is your ISP, you can approach them for support whether you have BT TV or not, and no matter how you came by your YouView box.

    This is a quid pro quo for YouView giving up their own phone support service.

    But I will be fascinated to discover if BT see it the same way, so do try their phone support and see how you get on  :p
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
  • fortonstevefortonsteve Member Posts: 7
    Thanks. I contacted Plusnet who only effectively administer the service but BT Openreach own the line.Plusnet could not help, so I'll try BT!

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    BT Overreach own all the bl**dy lines no matter who your ISP is - even TalkTalk - except for Virgin and a few other urban suppliers who genuinely have their own cables, so what PlusNet told you is a cop-out. 

    Perhaps @Sarah, or some of her YouView colleagues, need to re-educate this supplier of YouView boxes to its newfound responsibilities.

    BTW, I did try monkeying with the time, the time zone and the date on my iPad to see if I could get the YouView App to go out by an hour somehow, but only changing the date made any difference, causing the App to highlight that wrong date as Today.

    But as you have an Android tablet, which may work differently to how the iPad does, it might be worth checking that you have the correct, UK, time zone set, as the correct BST time would be the wrong time in the wrong time zone, and maybe this might be what is throwing the app off? Just a thought....
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
  • fortonstevefortonsteve Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Roy.
    Firstly I am shocked YouView has no Customer Service and nobody from YouView has responded. It is exactly like BT Open Reach impossible to contact them. I will start a new Topic on "Why YouView has no Support."
    [2] The YouView App still shows programmes being transmitted one hour ahead of the real time. The TV shows the correct time! I have now uninstalled 3 times but I am connected to box.
    [3] On the YouView website under Support it tells you to contact.
    [a] BT Plusnet or manufacture of the box. I have contacted all of them. The BT number provided is a 3rd party.
    [b] First I selected YouView boxes purchased from a shop, they can not help.
     [c] So I selected BT line. That is also a third party. The advice was to uninstall my App, which I had already told them I had, or reset my box. But there is no problem with the box! it is the App on my tablet that after 9 months of use suddenly changed time! Also, my phone App works fine with it.
    [3] I contacted John Lewis Broadband,[Plusnet] my supplier. No help
    [4] The time on my tablet is correct and even when I put the wrong time on the tablet it does not effect the App, proving the App does not get its time from the tablet!!
    [5] No other options!! 
  • Louise MurdochLouise Murdoch Administrator Posts: 98 admin
    Hi @fortonsteve,

    Are both your phone and tablet running the same version of Android? 

    When you say,
    [4] The time on my tablet is correct and even when I put the wrong time on the tablet it does not effect the App, proving the App does not get its time from the tablet!!
    Have you got the time on your tablet entered manually, or set to automatically update from the internet? Manually setting the time and date on phones and tablets can occasionally cause odd issues, keeping them set to update automatically is what I would recommend.

    With pairing issues, we've had some success with users soft rebooting their boxes (holding the power button for 8 seconds), rebooting their phones and switching aeroplane mode off and on before attempting to re-pair. 

  • fortonstevefortonsteve Member Posts: 7
    Thank you Louise! I really appreciate your reply! Please stay with me!
    I have had my Samsung S3 tablet since last November and it is only in the last 3 weeks the You View App appears to have changed the time to be one hour ahead and the programmes are not transmitted at that time! The Programme is right, but the time is one hour ahead. My brain can sort out "On Now," but not in days ahead!

    Thank you for your suggestion to have the time on the tablet at Auto. I have tried both, manual and Auto & have tried putting in a crazy time zone.
    But in the 3 options above the App gives a time one hour ahead of the real time.
    The only thing that works is on manual time setting and by putting the time on the tablet one hour behind! Then the App then giving the correct time for the correct programme!
      But of course, my alarm wakes me an hour early as the tablet time is one hour behind.
    The paring is fine now. I reinstalled the App 3 times and on the last download, it worked. My Samsung S7 phone by the way and Tab2 give the correct time.
    I have not done a Factory Reset on the Tab S3,but have done a few restarts!
    Any more ideas?... Please, and thanks again.
  • zulu17zulu17 Member, Super User Posts: 1,043 ✭✭
    edited 7 November 2018, 12:04AM
    I wonder whether there is  a daylight saving time setting anywhere , not all countries change on the same date as U.K. Is the tablet one that was bought or sourced from the U.K. or EU ? 
  • BizBiz Member Posts: 34
    You may have a disparity between two different time protocols used by Android; NTP and UTC. From what you say I would guess your UTC Offset is set to 00:00 when it should be set to +01:00 so it syncs in with the +1 hour GMT London is currently on. This is likely why your system time (coming from an NTP server and set via your Android Date\Time Settings) is coming up correct but the App is pulling the UTC time and adjusting it via an incorrect Offset and getting it wrong.

    How to Check -  If you already have an Android app that lets you check the UTC Offset then use that to check the value. If you need an app to do this then install ClockSync by Sergey Baranov from the Google Store and look in the Settings. The UTC Offset should say +01:00. if it does not then carry on, but if it does then stop and report back here.

    How to Fix - Change the UTC Offset value in ClockSync's settings to +01:00. Select the Synchronize option in ClockSync and follow the instructions. This syncing may not be necessary but it doesn't hurt to do it. In the 'Date & Time' Android Settings (the main tablet ones, not ClockSync) turn everything Automatic On and confirm that your Time Zone is set to GMT +01:00 (or if using a location, London). Power off the tablet. Power the tablet back on and load up the Youview app and the times should now be correct.

    As with any fixes make a note of any settings you change so that if necessary you can set things back to the way they were if there's a problem. If you need anything above explaining then please just ask. And let me know how you get on, even if things don't work that information can be used to help narrow the problem down. Good Luck :)
  • Thank you, Zulu and Biz, for taking the trouble AND time to respond!! It is appreciated.
    I have tried Zulu's idea, but it just changes the You View App if I select the wrong daylight saving!
    But will try Biz's idea and keep you posted!

  • Whow!!...I thought I tried everything...I really did, before I even tried to contact YouView.
    Well I am sure I did and have been running my tablet with the time one hour behind actual the YouView App has the right time!
    But I just did most of what Biz suggested and I'm back to normal!
    Thanks again!!
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