PlusNet YouView Set Up

I have been a Sky Customer for 11 years,but I have decided to end my contract with them.Consequently I now have the latest T2120 YouView Box from Plus Net Internet Connection is via Two TPlink 600V Power Line Adaptors.The box has been set up and I can view all the Freeview Channels,however I have been waiting for more than 24 hours to have the BT Sport Pack and the 20 or so Extra Channels installed by Plus Net.Recently it has been very difficult to contact Plusnet by telephone,though the recorded message says a five minute delay its more like 45 minutes before a call is answered which is totally unacceptable..Does anyone else have this problem and is there anything I can do about it? Any advice appreciated  Michael


  • John C1John C1 Member Posts: 33
    When I subscribed to some channels with them (the base pack) I was going to the channel and it was saying something along the lines of "you are not subscribed" etc and there was a "Setup" button, all I did was click the "Ok" button on my remote and a few seconds later I was live and viewing the IP channels, I was even viewing them on my retail BT2110 before the plusnet zapper box had been delivered. 

    Have you tried just clicking Ok on one of the channels that you have subscribed to? If they are not in your guide might a retune perhaps bring them in and yes I know these channels aren't OTA but that might trigger the newly subscribed channels showing up, just a thought...
  • biggles001biggles001 Member Posts: 4
    As long as you don't enter your PIN,you will probably activate the IP channels,without having to pay.I recently added a UHD box,and had a similar situation,did as suggested,and have the IP channels which are within my subscription.
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