Netflix error DTR-T4000

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I would be interested to know if other users are effected by this error message. It's effecting my DTR-T4000 I would also be interested if users are noticing this error on other boxes I don't own I am also interested in hearing from other DTR-T4000 users also if it has effected the Sony TV's with youview as well while the TV is in youview mode.

It usually effects the are you still watching screen after binge watching a few episodes.

If enough users are bothered/have the error then maybe youview will look into it. Any help and posts about this will be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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    Hi @Daniel - I've added this topic as a reference to the item for this issue in the consolidated list of bugs and faults, item 63.
    I've never seen this issue myself but do not have a T4000 box, only a T2000 box. Equally we rarely watch enough episodes in a row via Netflix via a YouView box to get the 'are you still watching' message at all.
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    There was an earlier thread , is this the same or a different set of scenarios
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    @Keith Thanks for adding it. Everything is helpful.

    @zulu17 this is helpful I forgot I posted in that thread but yes it's been like that all them months so it's useful you posted this. 
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    I have been doing some testing and changing some settings on my Netflix account to see if the error acts different at all. 

    With test participation switched off in your Netflix account and play next episode automatically switched off the following happens:

    On high or medium quality video setting 2 episodes of a program play perfect and the error appears at the start of the 3rd episode. 

    On low & auto quality 3 episodes of a program play perfect and the error appears at the start of the 4th episode. 
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    Can someone please who is registered on the BT forum currently post a link to this thread it would be very helpful because most people with a dtr t 4000 are probably bt customers. 
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    I have sent a email to the Netflix CEO as well as much as I don't expect a answer I have noticed on Google other devices such as smart tvs have been effected by this so if enough email they may look into it. 
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    @zulu17 are you registered on the BT forum. Can't remember if you are or not. Im not but I do lurk so could have seen a post perhaps. Is there any chance you can post this on the bt forum with a link to this thread please. 
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    I have now had this posted on the BT forum and I have sent a second email to the netflix CEO
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    Well that's disappointing the replies from Netflix where basically telling me to ask youview. Seems like there trying to pass the buck even though this error has effected some non youview devices.
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    @Sarah the Netflix app doesn't work at all on my dtr t 4000 now. It's only effecting this box my other youview boxes are fine. All other dtr t 4000 functions work perfectly I have my IP channels on this box and use it everyday. The Netflix app just won't load what so ever on it. I have done the soft reboot and maintenance mode resets but the results are the same. I'm happy to email a video of the issue in if you and the team would like to review it. 
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    Hi @Daniel
    I've checked this on the T4000 box we have here and are able to get onto Netflix without any problems. Can you please send me a private message with your Serial Number in (this is found under the box next to S/N) and we can look into the box behaviour data to see what's going on here. 
    Which MMRs did you carry out on the box? A video may be helpful as well if you can provide this. 
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    Hi Sarah a destructive maintenance mode reset appears to have Netflix working again however the old error is still present during the are you still watching screen to bad about the recordings. Others on another forum have reported having this issue also. While it's present if one tries to load Netflix it doesn't load and kicks you back to the players and apps screen. I tried maintenance mode before you posted again and as the non destructive options has already failed I tried the destructive option. 
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    Daniel, will you please post a link to the other thread on another forum, as I'm sure a few on here including me would be interested in reading it.
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    Sure but to anyone reading this I am warning that one user in the thread on the other forum has used bad language if you are easily offended please don't load the link. 

    Youview has no affiliation with the other forum it has different owners.
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    Just thought I would point out if you read the digital spy thread the user's there are clearly reading the posts here not sure why they don't post here. I found digital spy by accident and I am not registered there past or present. The youview forum is currently the only forum I have a account on. 
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    Still the same @Sarah
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