hello , is it possible you can get the channels on the  bt tv app to mirror the bt youview box. the tv mast i am fed off does not broadcast all channels . the youview app DOES mirror the box and its great , i have two boxes one upstairs and one down so bt app works downstairs and youview app upstairs . i realise that this is a bt problem not a youview one but if there is anything you can do it is very much appreciated 


  • jimbjimb Posts: 1,121Member ✭✭✭
    Welcome to the forum, and I'd just like to say that's possibly the best forum name I've ever seen  :)
    (Someone else will no doubt help with your question.)
  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,208Member ✭✭✭
    The handle oldwelshgit is familiar to me from somewhere... your Da perhaps?  :p

    But this is a case where you need to talk to the organ grinder, I think, so you may get a better result if you raise it on the BT forum...
    This is not the YouView that I knew  :'(
  • Tim CTim C Posts: 427Member ✭✭
    You can always try the TalkTalk TV app.
  • sevansevan Posts: 40Member
    The YouView app is so good that I use it and I haven’t got YouView.
  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,208Member ✭✭✭
    sevan said:
    The YouView app is so good that I use it and I haven’t got YouView.
    Seconded! I have always thought it a marvellous freebie for anyone at all, YouView box owner or not.

    Though if you have an iOS device, you might now like to download the latest Freeview app. 

    This does everything the YouView app does (for anyone who doesn’t own, or doesn’t use it with, a YouView box) regarding catchup from a backwards EPG, and in addition provides live streaming, for BBC, ITV and Channel Four’s All4, which the YouView app does not*.

    An Android version is ‘coming soon’, Freeview say.

    *A workaround for this with the YouView app has always been to start any catchup programme available which will invoke the Player on which you want to watch a live channel, and then switch to that in the Player. But now we don’t have to bother  :p
    This is not the YouView that I knew  :'(
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