Please fix this Netflix Bug!

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I've been talking about this issue for a looong time now - I'm on the verge of investing in another streaming solution specifically for Netflix but I am going to ask you once more if you could please fix this issue. I have raised it on the YouView forums, on the BT forums, in the YouView testing group and despite being acknowledged as a legitimate problem nothing has been done to fix this bug which degrades the output quality of the video signal from the YouView box after watching Netflix. The problem occurs after watching any footage on Netflix and the full quality of the YouView stream cannot be restored until you reboot the box. I am really happy with the YouView / BT box and don't really want to add a new box or get a smart TV just to be able to watch Netflix without this error. Here is the video I made 2 years ago now. 
The problem occurs precisely at the point you finish watching any video footage on netflix either by stopping playback manually or by reaching the end of the stream. If you are watching a series for example and you reach the end of episode 1, episode 2 will start with the drop in quality. I'm aware many people won't be effected by the drop because it is subtle but anyone who has their set callibrated properly and is sensitive to things like edge enhancement and haloing should be able to recreate this issue. Make sure you test after a fresh reboot and that you have the sharpness set to a neutral position on your TV. I've been told several times things like 'We are aware of this problem' and 'it is on our list of updates' I was even told at one point a fix was due in the next upcoming update (this was over a year ago) could you please clarify if this is ever going to get a fix?


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  • Just upgraded my YouView box to a G5 and this has fixed this problem (at last) just in case their is anyone out there who may come across this issue. I have to say that the box improves on nearly everything across the board. First of all it's much, much faster and smoother in operation. Apps are quick to load and navigating is much more pleasing. The general video and audio output seemed to be a little better than my old box - could just be my imagination but perhaps there have been some improvements made in that area too. 
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    The G5 stands apart from all other boxes so I doubt its your imagination.
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    As much as I love my pair of T4000 (G5) boxes I really wouldn't say that their radically different from the 2000. Better aesthetics more disk space and obviously uhd but otherwise it's as you were. 
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
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