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i use the app on an iPad with a content blocker and if I click on a thread I get the original question with no replies. I press and hold the reload button and get the option to reload page without content blocker, which works.
This happens every time I go to a thread.
i don’t have this problem with any other web page. Is there anything I can do about this?

i realise this is not a YouView problem but would appreciate any help.


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    Tell your content blocker not to block

    We might be able to help further if we knew what the content blocker was called; I counted thirty such on the AppStore before I got bored.

    And/or where or what this ‘reload button’ is, as I don’t see any such on this iPad; perhaps it is part of the content blocker?
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    Thanks. I’ve got 1Blocker and AdGuard. Either one blocks the web page on Safari iOS. The reload button is at the right of the web page address. An ‘almost circle’ with an arrow which you press and hold. I’ve tried  putting the web address into the blockers with no success. I’ll try again!

    Turned off AdGuard and put the link into the whitelist of 1Blocker. It’s a little more complicated but the instructions are there and it’s all working now.

    Many thanks again Roy.
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