TalkTalk drop charges for Multi-room but add charges for TV subscribers



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    Visionman said:
    Sorry to disappoint, no arcane secret knowledge here. Stephen told me!
    Same Stephen who posted this?


    Continued silence....

    No answer, was the swift reply....
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    Well it looks like they are deserting TalkTalk TV in their droves, the majority seemingly not "real" TV customers at all, although a fair few seem to be cancelling paid for TV Boosts along the way. I haven't seen so much noise and activity over a single issue since the cyber attack a few years back. 
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    And one I've seen remove their entertainment boost thinking the £4 gives them 80 channels over and above freeview!
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    Bit of a non-story to be honest. 
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    I only found out about this £4 thing when it appeared on my TalkTalk bill at the beginning of last week. I just assumed it was a mistake at first. I have a YouView box but have never shown any interest in the TV service. I own a number of films purchased via the former BlinkBox / Tesco / TalkTalk TVStore. TalkTalk uniltaterally decided to combine the latter with the TV elements of the core service and merge the accounts, while ejecting non-core customers to Rakuten.

    I chose to 'opt out' of the £4 charge, even though I have yet to see a truly clear explanation of who was being charged, what the charge bought and what the opt out might lose me. I was told I'd been sent an e-mail in the first week of February explaining it all. I hadn't (a common experience in the TalkTalk community). My confirmation of the opt out described it as a 'removal' of the service and also told me I was being sent a new router. Since the opt out I have received texts, e-mails and snail mail welcoming me to the TalkTalkTV service that I'd been removed from, and indeed was never mentioned as part of my package in the first place.

    TalkTalk offers cheaper broadband renewals than my current contract but only if I pay the £4 because my current 'discount' (?) would not be valid because I 'have a box'. Just to add to the confusion some of the descriptions of what the £4 is paying for includes use of the TalkTalkTV app. It seems that because I have access to the app, and/or because my YouView box picks up the TalkTalkTV branding and services, I am deemed to be a TalkTalkTV user. They don't offer an option for me to move my film purchases away, and I never asked for my YouView box to be turned into a TalkTalkTV box, so like many others I am baffled and a little irritated.
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    They offered the 18 month super fibre BB guaranteeing no price increase, this just feels like away of increasing the package price.  I have TT Youview in three rooms (Sky and Sky Sports, plus on-demand, etc..) and was paying £2 discount for multi-room and free installation and box - so can't complain.  However for a basic user its too close to the free freeeview package and with TV's now having most things built in it feels like a panic revenue move thats not thought through.  If in doubt call and complain they are always reducing things - if you can stand the long call.
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    It doesn't affect the package price as defined by Ofcom. To be fair to TalkTalk they were the first to guarantee no price increases for broadband for the duration of the contract, something that other providers are now beginning to follow. The TV charge is separate and you can opt out if you wish. 
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    Personally think price increases mid contract are a God send as you're (spell checker is brilliant as I would have put "your") given the opportunity to walk penalty free.
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    Not this one though. Seen as an extra and not part of your broadband contract.
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    At what point does a price hike become a extra???
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    When it is not part of your core package and is optional. As is the case with the TalkTalk TV fee. You don't want it, don't pay it.
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    Ahh I see now.
    Obviously you were fully consulted and made aware of this "extra" with lots of notice and your options fully explained before the incre sorry extra was added to your no cost increase package. 
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    redchiz & Stevef are correct, youpoo. This new charge has an opt-out option so no need to pay it at all.
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    @youpoo Spot on, I was notified in advance, contacted customer services and opted out, no problem.   :)
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