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Why is it that we dont get the full HD channels that others receive around the rest of the country from the Redruth transmitter such as BBC News. Since Aljezera went HD only we dont get that all - no great loss but an example. We only get the five main channels plus a kiddies CBBC I think.


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    Per https://ukfree.tv/transmitters/tv/Redruth

    "The Redruth (Cornwall, England) mast is not one of the extended Freeview HD (COM7 and COM8) transmitters, it does not provide these high definition (HD) channels: 4seven HD, 5STAR +1, 5USA +1, Aljazeera English HD, BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, CBeebies HD, CBS Reality +1, Channel 4+1 HD, Forces TV, Freesports, NOW 80s, Now 90s, PBS America, Pick +1, Quest HD, Quest Red +1, RT HD, Smithsonian Channel HD, Together."

    Sorry I can't be more helpful. I have similarly restricted viewing.
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    Thanks Andro101010,
    Interesting info. Wish I knew why? We all pay the same TV licence for BBC services but some do get them but we dont?! Regardless of viewer numbers, surely that wasnt an issues when they first installed the masts? Seems there's a first class service and second class one if you live in rural areas.
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    Sadly it's always been the case..
    Where I am in Essex, we can pick up Crystal Palace with the full range of channels, or Sudbury which is limited. 
    Sudbury has, since digital transmissions started, always been limited in comparison with CP.
    You also notice variations when on holiday in certain areas, and that even the reduced channels are not consistent.
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