BT box not loading

alisonpalisonp Member Posts: 2
Please help.  My mobile had a full update the other day and after that the you view app wouldn't load.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice now.  The guide loads up but immediately closes down with a message app not loading.  What can I do to sort this out.  Thanks in advance.



  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 16,024 ✭✭✭
    Hi Alison

    Which make and model of mobile, what has it updated to, and are we talking about the YouView app, or its BT near equivalent?
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  • alisonpalisonp Member Posts: 2
    Hi mobile is a Samsung J6 plus  it's the mobile app which was downloaded from Google play store and the version is11.2.2.3.  As stated it was all working well until the phone did an update.
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