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Former British incumbent telecom BT Group is shutting down most of its UK offices in a consolidation continued by new CEO Philip Jansen.

The company will cut some 300 locations to about 30 sites, part of a restructuring launched last year by then-chief Gavin Patterson that includes 13,000 job cuts.

Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Ipswich, London and Manchester are key locations for the consolidated units.

The company will also leave a longtime headquarters near St. Paul's Cathedral and the London Stock Exchange, seeking a new more modern home.


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    Day's after announcing a record sponsorship with the 4 nations. 
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    A more modern home than London?
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    A more modern home than BT Centre. It will still be around London but a newer building. This has been ongoing for a year it was announced by Gavin Patterson and is a 3-5 year plan. A lot can happen in 3-5 years, unless it is YouView lol
    the record deal is only an England sponsorship not a 4 nations.
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    • BT Group is up 3.4% in premarket NYSE trading after a filing shows new CEO Philip Jansen bought about 1.48M shares.
    • The purchases came yesterday at £2.02 in a single transaction, according to the filing.
    • BT has slipped 13.1% over the past month; shares are now down 6.5% over the past year.
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