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Hi all. I've moved out to the sticks, and now can only get 45 freeview channels. Lost all the home channels that the wife used to watch, etc. Anything I can purchase to get some of themissing channels back? Or is it the price I have to pay for being a country bumpkin?  


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    Can you state what the problem is with a reduction to only 45 channels and who is your ISP?
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    Have you done a postcode check to see what you should be getting?

    If you should get more, maybe it's an aerial issue?
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    Visionman said:
    Can you state what the problem is with a reduction to only 45 channels and who is your ISP?

    45 channels is all you get from a relay transmitter, colloquially known as Freeview Lite (or Light, for purists).

    @Chris A.

    There are two or three possible solutions:-

    In some areas where a relay transmitter is the nearest, a competent aerial fitter may be able to DX you to a full transmitter with a powerful multi-element highly optimised aerial, mounted high and carefully directed.

    Or you could go satellite, if you can mount a dish, either Freesat or Sky. But you would have to abandon, or restrict the use of, your YouView box, maybe buy a Freesat recorder or accept a Sky Q box.

    Or you could use the Internet; the Players on the YouView box will get you many of the channels you are perhaps missing, even though they will not be in the Guide to deep link from. Bit clunky, but just about doable, for the channels outside the 45 you can get OTA.

    I doubt you are in a Virgin-cabled area, or I would have mentioned that...

    A triple of questions from me; where are you living now (not too specific or it breaks the rules!), what transmitter are you receiving, and what broadband speeds are you getting?
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    Fortunately the OP has been here before otherwise a new poster would likely be put off when the topic drifts - eg unrelated discussions etc take place.
    Roy's initial post was an explanation of why only 45 channels were available - a fact I didn't know so useful info - and then possible solutions.
    So far fair enough and that should be the end of it until the OP comes back with their response.
    But of course it can't be left there can it!
    I've noticed in the past a few other threads that have drifted like this and the OP doesn't bother to come back and quite frankly I don't blame them.

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    Hiya, OP back. Cheers for all the comments, but I'll jump to the last questions asked. 1) I live in Buxton. Beneath (literally) a cliff. 2) I'm now on Sky. 3) Winter Hill. 4) download speed. 8.4. mbps.  and to refute the first responders insinuation that "45 channels should be enough for anybody", its not the amount of channels that I have am issue with,   it's the type of channels. All my wife's home programmes have gone, and she's not happy. The roling pin is doing overtime these days! 
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    Hi @Chris A.

    According to this link, Buxton falls outside the good reception area of Winter Hill, so you are probably getting your signal from one of the two Winter Hill relay stations for your area, Buxton or Burbage.

    The postcode I used there is the Opera House, which is not, as I recall, under a cliff, so you may be even more restricted; and for Freesat, this may be a consideration with line of sight to the satellite.

    The first thing to do, I think, is have a chat with a local aerial installer - a really local one, not from one of these Internet links to installers who are mysteriously everywhere - to see what is and isn’t possible.

    As despite any insinuations to the contrary, 45 channels isn’t enough for anybody, if it doesn’t include the channels you want to watch  :p
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