Plane Interference

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Hi All I have a Youview Box and every time a Plane goes over my house at approx 3000 to 5000ft the box cuts out for about 5sec, as we are on the Luton flight path this is a real nuisance, at  busy times can be every 3 to 5mins, only dose this when viewing via the Youview box when viewing on TV there is no problem, I found on the forum a previous mention of this in 2016 but there was no conclusion or fix, It dose it on all channels including HD channels.  Signal strength is fine.


  • SarahSarah Administrator Posts: 1,576 admin
    Hi @phonedr

    Unfortunately we can't do much to fix issues like this as they are outside of our control. TVs usually deal with the interference better than set top boxes as they have signal boosters built in to improve the signal they are able to receive. The boxes don't have these built in but you could always buy one to try in case that helps with the problem.

    I've seen some stories from other communities where the user gets a local aerial engineer in to adjust the direction of the aerial slightly which helps them so maybe this is something you can try with yours. 

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