MyTV tile focus not consistent on programme exit

stokesd3stokesd3 Member Posts: 137
There are two situations where you are not returned to the tile of the programme you are watching.

1. When watching something from the MyTV preview pane, if another programme starts recording during viewing and you then exit the programme, the focussed tile moves away from what was being watched. Can be annoying if you then go to delete the wrong thing.
2. If you watch something from the main MyTV recordings screen and exit following a channel change due to recording two programmes at once, you are returned to live TV and not the MyTV screen again.

Can these niggles be looked at please, thanks


  • Louise MurdochLouise Murdoch Administrator Posts: 125 admin
    Hi @stokesd3

    Would you be able confirm your box make and model, along with software version? These can be found via Settings > Device Information / Software Information.

    Thank you,
  • stokesd3stokesd3 Member Posts: 137
    Version is on latest v32.23.50. Model number is DTRT2110. My mum's has the same problems, same version but on DTRT2100. Thanks.
  • Rob PRob P Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
    Just to add a "me too" for problem 1 in particular. A number of times recently I've almost deleted the wrong thing for this reason. I've only been aware of it for the last few weeks so I assume it's a new bug. I also have the DTR T2110, same software as above.

    I'm also finding the box incredibly sluggish since this update. Tried an 8-second reboot, made no difference. 

    I'm starting to dislike Youview; the box used to be nippy and I loved it. Not so much any more. The only saving grace is that it's still a lot less unpleasant to use than the Freeview Play built into the TV.

  • NewfyNewfy Member Posts: 55
    Concur heartily with Point 2. Very clunky to find I have to navigate all the way back to MyTV to delete the recording I just watched.

    BT 4000 (4K) Box on latest software ...
  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 607 ✭✭
    It's certainly a pain when it has to switch channels whilst you were watching a recording. Totally lose you place in MyTV.
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