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frank2468frank2468 Posts: 3Member
I have a YouView DTR T2100 box and it is unable to get a broadband connection. It is a wired connection to the router and all is well with my internet connection. I have restarted the router and box and finally reset the box but it was all unsuccessful. The box was working fine apart from no broadband before the reset . Any ideas what the problem could be.


  • John LJohn L Posts: 263Member
    Hi Frank2468, welcome to the forum.
    This has happened to me before. Hopefully my few suggestions will enable you to use your box this Weekend: Youview staff at HQ will have gone home for Weekend.

    Worth trying to see if you can either swap one of your powerline adaptors (known working with something else) and see if the Youview box now works. When you mentioned you had reset box, I assume you have carried out the various Maintenance options:

    It might also be the powerline adaptor needs resetting (repairing with another one that is ok).

    If nothing works for you, I would suggest contacting Sarah at Youview on Monday morning, for further advice. Good luck! Please let us know how you get on. Enjoy your weekend. John L
  • frank2468frank2468 Posts: 3Member
    Hi John L, thanks for the help. I don't use PowerLine adapters as the box is wired straight into the router. I didn't know about maintenance mode so I will try and if not I will contact Sarah at YouView as you instructed. Thanks again. Frank
  • John LJohn L Posts: 263Member
    Good morning Frank,
    Just to add, if box might be actually faulty from the beginning when you first owned it, before you commence with Maintenance modes I would be very careful if you still have recordings, as if the box does lock up & jam, you will loose all recordings. Maintenance mode fix most problems, but in some cases can jam "brick" the box. Hopefully you may have solved problem/contact Sarah Monday if you still have a problem. John L
  • frank2468frank2468 Posts: 3Member
    Morning John,
    Too late i'm afraid, I tried maintenance mode already. It didn't work though as it will still not find broadband. It didn't 'brick' it though and I had already deleted all my recordings a few days ago. How would I go about contacting Sarah at YouView? I can't find any contact details on YouView. Frank
  • John LJohn L Posts: 263Member
    Hi Frank, 
    Worth a try Frank. On Monday send her a message via the top icon link on the dark Youview forum banner, where you can send/receive private messages to forum members or simply leave a message on the forum f.a.o. Sarah, who works at Youview & also looks after the forum. Hopefully Sarah will be able to help you further. Did you purchase your box from a Retail shop or was it part of a contract? If it was from a shop, hopefully you still have warranty or claim under: "Sales of goods act", which should cover you for upto 6 years! Good luck Frank. John L
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