Youview android app on older operating systems

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I have three devices all running android 4.2.2 and my main device running 5.1. It seems that the youview app is no longer compatible with android 4.4 or earlier and the recommendation is to update the OS to a later version. As upgrading is not feasible with Samsung devices (2x Galaxy Ace 3 and one Galaxy Tab 2) and seeing as my 5.1 device now seems to be living on borrowed time due to the app developers constantly updating to suit the latest gadgets, is it not possible to make available earlier versions of the youview app, which worked perfectly very recently on my 4.2.2 devices, as a download from this site? I can't afford to keep buying the latest phones and tablets to replace the ones I have which work perfectly in every other regard apart from running the updated youview app.


  • MateybassMateybass Member Posts: 13
    No support for older devices then? That's not good news for anyone using  Youview is it?
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    I can't comment about support or future plans for the app(s)...
    But I can say that the reasons the app doesn't work on older OSes is due to the YouView cloud servers having to be upgraded to use TLS 1.2 and support for that protocol being a minefield on older Android versions. You can download all the old APKs if you wish, but unfortunately it's a required change in the cloud rather than on the phone end which caused the breakage, so none of them will work either.
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