I can not get a signal. I have a BT box. The code is YVM3005. I have tried all that is required to do. Check plugs re-tune channels restarted box. When I checked the TV signal quality is says: Channel - unknown channel = signal strength 0% and signal quality 0%. However, I have another tv in another room and the signal to the aerial on top of of our house is working on OK on that TV. Can you advise please.


  • Louise MurdochLouise Murdoch Administrator Posts: 87 admin
    Hi @Bevstrawford

    Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear you're having some issues.

    Just to be sure, could you confirm the error code you are seeing? Could it be YVM305?

    You say your other TV is working okay with the aerial, could you, if possible, plug your BT box into the aerial that is working and see if there is any change there?

    Could you also confirm the box model and software you are currently on? This can be found by pressing Help and (i).

    Thank you,
  • Hi Louise, thank you for your email with your comments. I now have managed to fix the problem. The aerial wire at the end of it was not connecting to the box properly. Also I done an update too! This fixed the problem. Thanks Bev
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