Failing to load second part of programme on ITV Player

IzyIzy Member Posts: 1
After hard  rebooting, clearing caches etc.  on my Sony Bravia. It is driving me potty! Any advice how to fix this please! 


  • SarahSarah Administrator Posts: 1,595 admin
    Hi @Izy
    Welcome to the forum
    Can you please let us know the following info:
    • Sony TV model
    • Version of Android it's running on (this should be in the About section of settings)
    • Software version of the TV (you can find this in Help, usually in one of the corners starting with a PKG)
    • Does this happen on all content you try and watch? 
    • The content you've tried to watch - please include series and episode numbers 
    • Did you launch the content from the guide or directly from the ITV Hub?
    • How is your TV connected to the internet?
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