Lost HD channels following retune

Following the required retune on 23rd October I seem to have lost most Freeview HD channels. They work fine on TV upstairs, problem appears to be related to my youview boxes. I’ve tried multiple restarts and reboots as well as retunes, no success. It worked perfectly for 18 months, the retune is the point at which it’s all gone wrong, and it’s isolated to the youview boxes. With the RWC semi final on ITV HD on Saturday the timing couldn’t be worse!  :(


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    I would try a retune again but, one top tip: UNPLUG aerial feed to Youview box & then TUNE. Once done, it will find NO CHANNELS (this CLEARS the channel memory - sometimes boxes get confused if transmitter has channel changes etc), then REPLUG aerial feed & retune again. 

    Your problem maybe related to com7/8 problems with the channel multiplex from transmitter. Affecting a lot of users up and down UK. One example is BBC news hd channel 107 with signal problems. Lots of advice can be found on forum. Hope I may have given you some help. If you still have a problem, I'm sure someone on the forum can help further. PLEASE let the forum know how you get on. John L
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    Hi @rickydoncaster
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    TVs tend to have inbuilt amplifiers and are better equipped to deal with signal changes than YouView boxes do. We're aware of users on the Emley Moor transmitter losing their channels when Digital UK make channel changes however this may be a little different since there was a 700MHz clearance yesterday. It'd be great if you can do a retune without the aerial plugged into the box and then again with the aerial plugged into the box as John has mentioned above and let us know how you get on. 
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    Hi all
    I have the same issue. I wasn't aware of a required retune on 23rd Oct, but since then, I too have lost all my HD channels?

    The reception started to break up and lose signal strength intermittently. Then this week, after a reset of the box, they have completely disappeared from the guide?

    Checked my transmitter, (Crystal Palace). I've done all the above retunes, with/without aerial, added a 4G mast filter, even set the Talktalk Youview box back to factory settings a number of times. Still no HD channels?

    Any ideas why this seems to be happening? Appreciate anyone's help to resolve this issue. Thanks.
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    Hi Raoullll,
    Do you still receive all the channels via your tv's own bulit in tuner? Have a check & UNPLUG aerial/retune & then REPLUG aerial & tune again. This CLEARS the tuner memory as tuner often can still keep past data. 
    If you do receive all channels, then there is certainly something not right with your aerial setup. Yes, there could indeed be a faulty Youview box, but worth rechecking first. Maybe a simple problem or needs further checking. Use the Youview signal menu to check what is going on. What reading do you get for signal strength/quality on say: bbc ch1, bbc ch101 (HD) & bbc 107(HD). You will probably find signal alters a lot but just write down the readings you find.

    Do you use a aerial amp/booster, as if this is faulty, it will block out channels. I know my own tv setups couldn't cope without an aerial booster amp, so worth purchasing if not already used. Also check aerial cable to the Youview box is ok, often overlooked. If you have a spare one worth swapping & checking again. I too receive tv from Crystal Palace transmitter & this is a very good signal area overall, so hopefully you will be able to resolve your problem. Let us know how you get on. John L
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    Also don't forget to recheck signal DIRECTLY from aerial out to tv tuner. i.e. if tv is connected via youview flylead loop through (if connected this way) and unplug/plug directly to tv to test your problem. John L
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    Hey John

    Thanks so much for replying, very much appreciated. 

    No, I've retuned the TV too with no aerial and then again with the aerial, still no HD channels via the TV either.

    Checked my signal on Youview for BBC1 - quality 28 / strength 96
    Checked TV BBC1 signal - quality 78 / strength 98

    I can't check any HD channels because they have all disappeared from the menu. Also, I'm not sure what the difference is between quality/strength? Youview quality seems low?

    When I did have access to HD channels, I did check signal for BBC HD and it was no signal at all.

    I do have an amplifier and have checked connections, seems to be ok. I've had it for some time now. I haven't tried to change any cables though. Any more thoughts?

    Many thanks and as mentioned, appreciate your advice John.

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    Hi Raoulll,
    Thank you for your feedback. I think this may be part of your problem:
    Your readings for tv are ok, but ideally tv should be nearer 90/100 for quality, as Youview will be less. It needs clear/clean powerful reception. The signal strength is very good. The Youview quality is very low. Does the reading alter? If it does you may have interference somewhere.

    I would recommend getting an aerial amp! My own setup would keep crashing/freezing without one. Although we have a fairly good signal, buildings/trees,  nearby can reduce signal. Youview tuners tend to be more weak on signal. Something like this:

    I'm not promising this will solve your problem, but I know in my own house, we need aerial boosters! I have 1 upstairs & 2 downstairs: 1 in each room all 4 way (or as you need depending on devices), as I also have several freeview devices needing signal.

    To answer your question ref signal menu. Signal strength is the amount you receive. Quality is amount received without interference: should hopefully be high/ideally near 100%, as if there is interference (like with com7/8 (see my post) other equipment could cause problems.
    Another thought, do you use Freesat/Bluray devices? Only discovered this myself recently (see my recent post!) Check to see if you change settings from 1080p to 1080i might increase signal on your Youview. The interference comes from HDMI cable when switched to 1080p (progressive mode). Maybe unplug & test. Hopefully I might have helped. Let us know how you get on. John L 
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    Hey John

    Thanks for the emails. Right, I’ve plugged the aerial directly into the TV, retuned and I’ve got all the channels back. Done the same with the Youview box too and all channels are back. Thanks for this advice!

    So, I’m guessing there is some problem with the amplifier John, as the aerial is going through that to the TV/box.

    Again, thank you for your help on this and taking the time out of your day to reply John and great advice!

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    Glad to help you Raoullll no problem, 
    Enjoy your tv viewing more! Worth checking out the aerial booster for £12+. You should notice a gain in signal strength, especially weak channels. If you do, get a notepad & write down figures with/without aerial etc (I do this for to check when testing). You don't have to purchase 4 way, these are the ones I used. A 2 way+ would give you 1 outlet for Youview, plus spare for another device. The tv could either be feed via Youview loop through fly lead or even directly from another outlet from the aerial booster itself. It's all trial & error & testing to see what works for you. 
    I installed all my equipment myself plus upgrading cabling around home now feed directly from loft aerial, instead of outside aerial. Hence have learnt a lot other the years. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Do I interpret you aright that you have tried connecting to both TV and YouView box directly, and you get all your channels, pretty much, on both, without the amplifier?

    And yet with it, you get the problems?

    If so, my hypothesis would be that the amp is overloading the inputs like SOMEONE SHOUTING AT YOU VERY LOUDLY is not as clear as someone speaking normally.

    And the measurement of signal strength maxes out at 100, so if it’s actually above this, you don’t see any higher a reading.

    And indeed, we had a recent report where even the normal signal was too strong, and an attenuator was needed - the very opposite of an amplifier.

    So try leaving the amp out of things, see what sort of signal quality and signal strength figures you get, and how good the reception is (as it’s no good if you get more channels but they are all fuzzy) and report back.
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    Hi Roy,
    With regards faulty aerial boosters, I have had several that were faulty over the past years & they appeared to block all/most of signal path. You don't always know they are faulty until you get problems & do some checks. I actually keep a spare working one available now, simply to be able to do a swap if a problem arises. (Used to be in Boy Scouts: "Be prepared" - Should be Youview moto!!). Hence why I recommended (from my own knowledge) to Raoullll to maybe try one out to see if signal could be improved. I fully understand about overloading signal, where yes, you may need an attenuator to reduce signal if too strong, but I was under the impression that his signal was weak with original problem. This is why I didn't mention about attenuator. 

    Really glad that I was able to help Raoulll. Another happy Youview user. John L 
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
  • RaoullllRaoullll Member Posts: 8
    Yep, thanks again guys. Appreciate your advice.
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