Anyone know what happened to ?

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There used to be (what seemed to me) a very good coverage checker at, but now I get redirected to, where the coverage checker just gives you a transmitter name (Crystal Palace in my case, even though I get a better signal from Hannington).

Did digitaluk close down?  Any good alternatives?  Thanks.


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    Hi @Niggle ,
    It looks like digitaluk got rebranded under the freeview moniker (Same company and address).
    The information you seek is available if you scroll down the results page and click on DETAILED VIEW.

    EDIT:-  It looks like the new web site has been rather dumbed down, and it's not now possible to access the page with a direct URL link.
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    How do I find this Detailed View, either directly or indirectly?

    It doesn’t seem to be coming up for me  :'(
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    Hi Roy - it worked fine for me. The steps I took were:
    1. Visit
    2. Scroll down and enter postcode in the box, then press 'check'
    3. In the results page scroll down to just below all the available channel logos, where I see a grey bar/section for 'Details View'
    4. Press 'Detailed View' button to get to yet another page with all the detailed info on
    So they have made it nice and simple ;)

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    Thanks @Keith

    Also under Help, I now find, where it is almost visible on the screen.

    So, nice and simple for those who know to scroll a long way, don’t want to use one URL just to get to where what they want to do is, and isn't redirected to from the legacy DigitalUK results still up on Google, nor from previous links in the Community.

    If that’s ‘simple’, I’d hate to be around when Freeview do ‘complicated’  :p
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    Freeview perhaps took some pointers from someone at YouView who helped design the route into MyTV. A long standing prime example of something that should be accessible with a single link/button press but for many is a sequence of steps (thank goodness I have a harmony remote so get there in one press).
    In both cases there are many other good things about their systems ;)
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    Grateful to the OP and others for both the heads up and subsequent pointers, this is a much used reference tool.
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    Just had a look and the new look Digital UK site and rebranding don't seem as good as the old site.

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    Thanks all for your thoughts.

    Agreed, I also prefer the old version.  And when I try to 'print this page' for the detailed results, it loses all the green/orange/red colour coding for the signal strength.
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    Correction, if you select 'Save as PDF' and also under 'More settings', enable 'Background graphics' then you get the colour coding.
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    I to was re-directed, so I indulged in the Web Chat (I was invited by a pop-up). The Operator helpfully directed me to what I needed ... then I deleted the cookies and I lost it again ! ...

    I like a Challenge, so found it again as follows:

    starting at the home page (as if you can start anywhere else !!!), Pan down to the very bottom of the Home page 
    and select 'platform management' Link.

    This should take you to a new page with  TWO useful options (1) 'Detailed Transmitter Information' as one of the Icons / Selections; (2) "DTT channel and multiplex listings for Industry Professionals" as one of the Icons / Selections (1 or 2) as follows;

    (1) Click the 'Check Detailed Transmitter Information' link under the 'Detailed Transmitter Information' ICON. This should take you to 'Detailed transmitter information for industry professionals' (on URL  .... which I COULDN'T get to directly!)
    Put in your post code (house number is optional) and you get tables of MUX to Channel Numbers - I beleive "N" column is the actual Host Transmitter "C" channel number.

    (2) Click on the 'See latest channel listings' link under the 'latest Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) channel and multiplex listings' ICON. This should take you to 'DTT channel and multiplex listings for industry professionals' (on URL   .... which I COULDN'T get to directly!)

    The tables show MUX names against Freeview Logical Channel Numbers (also known as DVB-T 'SID' i.e. Service Id), qualified by Nation.

    By using (1) and (2), you can piece together the same information previously on .... until they move it again !

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks very much for the research @The_Hiwayman

    So they have messed this up even worse than it was before 😢

    It used to be (and I have mentioned in several places here, advice now obsoleted) that if you went into ‘Check Freeview at my home’ you could then optionally select ‘Detailed View’ to get to what the DigitalUK site used to show.

    But Detailed View is gone 😢 and it looks like the very low-key ‘platform management’ link is now the only way through to this information, something I might not have found for myself had you not mentioned it above. 

    Other indignities it visits on me (not necessarily anyone else!) are that it thinks there is no TV reception at my real postcode/house number address (ending UQ), though there is at RF, which is what Amazon seems to think my postcode ends in. Or if I let the site find my location, the postcode ends in FU. Which seems appropriate.... Or it ends in FR downstairs. Go figure.

    Though curiously, if I put the FU or FR postcodes in the checker manually, neither is recognised.

    At our old address, we were likewise described as having no TV reception, though next door was fine, apparently. I told Freeview, but they said it might take a while before a new house was added. But three years? When the house next door was built at the same time?

    However, the information might be accurate for our new address. What Freeview don’t know is that we are on a central TV distribution system, with, presumably, a big aerial. But what I don’t know is where the distribution point is, or what its postcode is...

    Funnily enough, though, once you know that the light of all the detailed reception stuff is hidden under the bushel of ‘platform management’, it is actually more straightforward to use. Once you know.....
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    I've always found this site very good for detailed transmitter information, including radio.

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