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My android app has stopped connecting with the box. It's been working for years but now it can't find the box. I've got a new talk talk router but it had been working through that. I have done a factory reset on my phone and reinstalled the app but don't see why that would stop it working. Have also rebooted box and phone. Any suggestions to fix this? 


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    Hi @Timn
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    Can you give your router a reboot and try again? If that doesn't work, please put your phone into aeroplane mode for a few mins and then take it out of aeroplane mode and attempt to connect it to the box. 
  • TimnTimn Posts: 4Member
    Hi, I've tried all your suggestions and even got my Internet provider to send me a new router over the weekend but the app still won't find the box. Could it be an issue with the youview software as I notice others have the same issue since youview got rid of the pairing method. Any other ideas? 
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    @Timn, have you by any chance got more than one YouView box? If so, turn the one(s) you aren’t trying to pair with off at the mains, or at least pull the Ethernet cables off them, and try again.

    Failing that, what is the make and model of the phone, what version of Android is it running, and has there been a recent update to that?
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  • TimnTimn Posts: 4Member
    Hi, I only have one box. It had been working fine with my phone until I did a factory reset on the phone. Its a Sony Xperia xz running android 8. As I say it had been working fine for several years with the box. The only thing that's changed is the new method of linking them up. Never had a problem with the old pin code system. 
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    Try attempting to pair with mobile data turned off.
  • TimnTimn Posts: 4Member
    Jonesh! You're a star! 🌟 That worked first time. Thanks for that top tip, so pleased to have the app back. 
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    Pleased to be able to assist. Thank you for reporting back.
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