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Hi -
Left TalkTalk & joined another ISP.
My YouView box will not connect to the internet.
Folks are on TalkTalk.
If I give them my set top box will they be able to record (as mine does), even give my bigger better router?
Going to have to buy an HD Freeview Box, with recorder & hope that connects to internet.
Don't want this equipment which is better than theirs to go to waste.
Any help from those who can assist, would not only help me, but help my mum, so she can record her shows like; Call The Midwife, Gardening programmes, Antiques Roadshow.
My dad holds the remotes, my mum has to watch football, rugby, horse racing, cricket, or Sky News on the loop & channels change whenever he wants it to.


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    Hi @Mortimer_Pink and welcome to the Community!

    I suppose the first thing to say is that there is no reason why a working TalkTalk YouView box won’t continue to work when you leave TalkTalk for another ISP. The only things that stop working are that you can no longer access Boost channels, or play recordings made from them, and other TalkTalk-specific features, though all your recordings from Freeview channels, and everything else the box does, should be fine.

    So either your box is coincidentally broken, in which case your parents won’t be able to use it either, or it can be got working again, in which case you might want to keep it yourself, and not have to buy a new box.

    But we have seen several cases of boxes that seem to have got ‘stuck’ on an old ISP, even though they shouldn’t. 

    The first thing to try is a Soft Reset; press the On/Standby button on the box, and hold it for just over 8 seconds, until the box soft reboots.

    Try this, and let us know if it fixes it; if not there are a couple of further things we can suggest you try before giving up on the box.
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