Intermittent failed recordings

Hello, I've just discovered this forum and hope that maybe I can get some help. My Talk Talk DN-372 intermittently fails to record or records perhaps 6 seconds of a programme and then finishes. I've been unable to solve this via the TT community forums. My original box was reset with both save and delete recording options, I've tried a new power supply and Talk Talk have sent me a replacement new box, but the problem persists. I tried fitting a 4G filter, replacing some cabling and dodgy looking aerial connectors which got the signal strength up from 47% to 68% with 100% quality. All of my channels are coming from Oxford and I cannot see any out of region channels in the guide. I've done a channel scan without the aerial connected to clear the channel list and then reconnected and done a fresh scan. I've changed the auto standby option on the box from 3 hours to 12 and also stopped the box going into deep sleep overnight. Nothing has helped with sometimes 2 or 3 failures a week.  Today I noticed something very strange whilst setting up some scheduled recordings. In the recording section was a failed recording for a programme that hadn't even aired yet! The box was setup to record CH4 at 8pm tonight (Sat 4th Oct) but when looking at the box this morning the recording was already flagged as failed! I use a mixture of scheduling recordings with the mobile app and also from the guide on the box, but am not sure if that has any bearing, as I've always done this, and there are no recording clashes. Sorry this is such a long post but it's a last ditched attempt to sort the problem before buying a Humax and going over to the dark side! (Freeview Play) :/


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    Hi scruffygit (what a name!) welcome to the fourm.
    Firstly, the Talk Talk DN372 tuner has a weaker signal strength than the Humax/BT models. I used to own one for a short time and signal was always approx. 25% lower signal + it also locked up on occasions. 68% signal strength (in my opinion is not that high)  What is the signal like on bbc hd107?

    My advice if not already used, try a aerial booster amp & you might see something like signal strength: 80%+ /Quality still at 100% is excellent.  I assume that you have checked signal is ok with tv directly? The only thing I can suggest as you seemed to have covered the retune procedure well, is to do a maintenance reset.
    Try option 2 first & work you way through the options, you never know! Then try the retune again (unplug/replug). 

    Can't promise it is going to solve your whole problem, but worth a try. I know it's frustrating. Let the fourm know how you get on. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Hi @scruffygit
    Welcome to the forum :) 
    Can you please let us know the software version your box is running on? You can find this in your Settings under 'Software information'. Can you also let us know of some examples of recordings (channel & programme name) that either fail or only record for a few seconds? It'd also be handy to know how much recording space you have left on your box. This can be found in the bottom right corner of MyTV. 

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    Hi @scruffygit
    If you still have the recordings on your box, can you please press info on the recording tile and tell us the recorded duration from the right of the action panel?
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