Failing YouView Box??

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Afternoon all,
I believe that my YouView box from Plusnet (DTRT2120) is failing. Can anybody advise if they have seen these type of issues before?
1)Having to retune on a daily basis. I turn off at night and in the morning I appear to have lost around 70 channels. No other TV in the house is affected and keep all the channels. Signal quality is above 85% as a minimum.
2) Failed recordings intermittent - sometimes SD, sometimes HD, sometime paid for content
3) Continued loss of Scheduled programs - they disappear almost monthly
4) Remote control performance - great in the morning, points using trying to use if for ANYTHING after 7:30pm at night, including trying to change channels!

I be honest and say that I'm really hacked off with the box - so much so, I'm tempt to go with it not being fit for purpose and bin it. I'm really board of re-tuning (daily) and having to do factory resets (regularly) at the request of Plusnet. Can it really be this bad a service ??

Any advise / help would be greatly received.


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    Boxes that fail, fail in a myriad of ways. But the attempt to rescue them is always the same.

    Firstly, do not turn the box off at night. Turning it off will prevent the YouView software from updating, bringing updates that may help solve some of your problems.

    A mildly sick YouView box can be rescued with a soft reset - press and hold the On/Standby button on the box for just over 8 seconds until it soft reboots.

    A sicker YouView box can be rescued with a Maintenance Mode Reset.
    See here.

    Start with Option 2. If it works, then do Option 4.

    This should be enough to rescue a box that is free of any but hardware and disc problems.

    But if recording problems continue, we suspect disc problems, for which a Maintenance Mode 5, or the equivalent Factory Reset in the Settings menu are the only recovery step possible. But this does, alas, lose your recordings - no help for it.

    If this doesn’t fix it, you don’t have a YouView box, you have an ex-box.

    Your last step before scrapping it would be to try reformatting the disc, though I don’t hold out much hope that this will fix it.

    But if you wanted to try it, then rope in @John L, our resident expert on disc reformats, who will walk you through it..
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    Thanks for the feedback @Roy
    In relation to 'turning off at night' I should have stated - put into standby mode.
    I've worked my way through all the maintenance modes - without any improvement, the only thing I've not actioned is the reformatting of the disk. It does sound like I need to sort out a replacement box with Plusnet after they send out yet another engineer.
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