Can’t record and can’t play recordings

peebupeebu Member Posts: 3
Hi part way through last night it appears I lost the ability to record. A programme recorded fine at 7pm but another ‘Failed to record’ at 9pm. I’ve tried live recording and that’s also failed to record.
I’ve also checked previous recordings and they won’t play now either. 
At it also appears that I’ve lost my Sky Sports boost too. 
I’ve done a few different resets including Maintenance Mode 2 but nothing’s changed. 
Box is a DN-372. 
Software is 3.6.138. 
What’s going on? Has the latest software update caused this?


  • SarahSarah Member Posts: 1,812 admin
    Hi @peebu

    Welcome to the forum :) 

    Can you please answer the following questions:
    • Which channels can't you record? Can you try BBC One for example as well as any subscription channels
    • Same as above for watching recordings
    • Is there an error code displayed?
    • Can you share details from their software information screen (Settings > Software Information) i.e. Component software, Manufacturer software, Platform configuration, ISP configuration (feel free to post a picture of the screen if this is easier)
  • peebupeebu Member Posts: 3
    Hi, it was affecting everything. All channels were not recording. All previous recordings weren’t playing. In the end, I went on other threads and had seen that others in the past had been advised to replace their box (but having to do a full factory reset first before the box would be considered for replacement) or just do a full factory reset anyway. Either way, all readings would be lost so it seemed I had no real choice. So, I did a full reset, lost everything (at least 100 programmes - I was down to 19% prior to everything going wrong - not a happy bunny!!!) and it’s now working ok (but I’ll now be getting a lot of use out of BBC iPlayer). Incidentally, I’d initially tried to delete a fair few things first to get the percentage up but that didn’t have any effect. 
  • RoyBRoyB Member Posts: 51

    Yes, this happens if the file system gets corrupted, but the disc is still physically OK.

    It’s small consolation, I know, but you have done the only thing possible in these (fortunately rare) circumstances.
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