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Hi everyone

Firstly hello to the community as this is my first post, and I hope you can help me.

I have owned a DTRT2110 for around six months now and it's running on 32.36.0 / 3.6.154 - the most up to date software.

The box was fine for the first few months, however more recently I have been plagued by a number of problems. Recordings frequently 'fail', the box freezes upon trying to watch a recording and the newest problem (which is happening around 50% of the time now) is the guide going blank, meaning I have to reset the box from the switch to bring it back.

Are other people having these problems, or do you think I have a dud box? If so I will return it back to the retailer as it's still within one year of purchase.

Thanks for your responses in advance


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    Try the Maintenance Mode Options 1, 2 and 4, in that order, pausing between them to see if the box starts behaving itself, in which case no need to try the more drastic option(s).

    All of these Options preserve your recordings, though you will have to retune and recreate any non-default Settings after 2 and 4.

    if none of these work, then yes, get it replaced under warranty.
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    Hi Newbie986 and hope your well. 
    Press the blue YouView button, scroll across to Settings and press enter. From there scroll across the top line to TV Signal Quality on any channel you record.

    Whats the channel, signal strength and signal quality?
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    Hi both

    Channel 101 - signal strength is 92% and signal quality is 100%.

    I tried Maintenance Mode Option 1. The guide was still blank after trying Option 1, so I tried Option 2. The guide is now back and so far tonight everything's been working ok, so hopefully the problem has been rectified.

    Thanks very much for your help here.

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