Now tv buffering

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Has anyone else an issue with now tv buffering on the youview app tonight??


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    Hi @deedee36 - I've had rather mixed results with NowTV via YouView since it launched a few days ago:
    • on day 1 I could access the full player, see my watch list and play items from 'continue watching'; I could not however actually access items in the watch list directly as it would just sit with the spinning coloured balls when trying to get into the actual series and programme list for an entry
    • on day 2 I had similar results to day 1 plus I realised the continue watching items were also accessible via MyTV watch list - it would not though actually launch the items direct from the watch list
    • on day 3 it has been better - I could reliably access the series and programme lists for an entry and start an episode of my choosing; I could also launch episodes via the MyTV watch list (although that does not directly launch an episode it just jumps you straight into the player onto that episode from which one can press ok to start it); episodes played reliably at different points through the day but with some buffering in the evening; at about 8:30pm it then stopped entirely and no amount of exiting and re-entering the player would get it to actually resume playing of the episode so after waiting a while I gave up and moved to a chromecast that successfully picked up where I had left off and has given no buffering since then
    Why it would work less well through the YouView box than other methods is unclear to me :(
    I assume my relatively poor current experience is not typical as if that were the case I would have expected it to come to light during trials.
  • deedee36deedee36 Member Posts: 50
    Mine worked fine on day 1 today has been a nightmare for buffering or the app just not opening 
  • deedee36deedee36 Member Posts: 50
    There is people on another forum stating the same problems tonight 
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