Problem with scheduled recordings on internet channels

I only seem to be able to watch the internet channel I'm recording if I have a scheduled recording (series linked). If watching another channel it's switches to the one scheduled to record & i can't change channel without cancelling the recording.

However, if I manually press record on 2 internet channels it works, meaning I have enough line speed so it doesn't make any sense.

Any ideas how to fix this?


  • AndyB5AndyB5 Member Posts: 5
    Hi @murphyslaw
    Is the problem with the the first episode in the Series Link?
    I've been having this problem since last Nov/Dec. When I set a Series Link the STB sets the Series Link for the programme, plus a one off recording for the same programme. In effect it's recording the same programme twice which is why you can't watch another IP channel. Once the recording has finished you'll only see the one recording though.

    I found it by looking at the scheduled recordings in the BT TV app, this shows all scheduled recordings in the next 8 days whereas the STB does not. 
    The only solution I've found so far is to cancel the Series Link and record as one off episodes, I'm currently doing this for 4 different Series. Once this bogus recording is out of the way SL seems to then work as normal.

    Look at the screenshot below, 9th Dec, you can see the extra one off recordings for the same programme.

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