Watched recordings still showing as unwatched

mahonjmahonj Member Posts: 2
In the last few weeks, after we have watched a recording, when we return to the recordings it is still showing as unwatched I.e. it is not marking it as watched. Does anybody also have this issue?


  • UrsaUrsa Member Posts: 78
    I have noticed this past week or so, that even if you watch till a few seconds to the end, that its still shown as 'Unwatched' - pressing OK again & advancing to the 'End' prompt fixes it tho ... dunno why thats changed ?

  • SarahSarah Administrator Posts: 1,622 admin
    Hi @mahonj & @Ursa
    Can you please let us know the YouView box model you are using and the software it's running on? You can find this by pressing Help and then Info on your remote control. Does this happen with all recordings you try and watch?
  • UrsaUrsa Member Posts: 78
    BT T4000 (or some such nomenclature) - running the latest software ...
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