Accessing Prime Video app on Youview - sign-in problem solved

Ian Brown1Ian Brown1 Member Posts: 50
I have FINALLY got my Prime Video app working! In case others are having similar problems, here is the problem I was having and the resolution.

I am an existing Prime Video customer and I was trying to use the YV app for the first time. If you open the app and select Sign-in, you get taken to a sign-in page but you cannot enter any user details. The reason is you need to register your YV device first.

When the app opens, you need to select the Don't have a Prime Video Account, Register option. This will then present you with a registration code. You then need to sign into your Amazon account (via a web browser) and navigate to Your Account, Your Prime Video, Settings, Your Devices and there you can register your Yourview box as a new device using the registration code. After that, the Prime Video app opens directly without any login required.

This is all on a Talktalk DN372T

I hope this helps.


  • SaraFSaraF Member Posts: 2
    Your solution did not work for me.  Still get error on Samsung TV.  Looks like it’s loading, then buffers, then error.  I’ve reregistered, removed App and reinstalled it, tried using resume, and tried Play from Beginning.  The video plays fine on my phone.  When I start it on my phone. Go back to TV, get picture where I left off on phone, then it buffers and gives the error.
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    Hi @SaraF this isn't a Samsung TV forum but a YouView one. You need to post on or read this one -
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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