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    Awwww what happened to my post?
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    Dont know, best have a word with your postman. 
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    Now that Sky Sports is available on all boxes and platforms, I've been wondering when BT Sport will also be available on retail boxes? 
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    BT Sport Bundesliga audiences up fivefold

    Deprived football fans seeking their fix flocked to BT Sport over the weekend, with viewing figures showing a fivefold increase on the previous best performing Bundesliga match this season.

    BT Sport’s coverage, which included commentary teams guiding viewers through games from home in England, peaked at an audience of 652,000 for Dortmund’s win on linear channels, with an average of 500,000, again similar to that of some Premier League games earlier this season. Across five different games on three channels, that average was 597,000.

    Viewing figures for BT Sports free Youtube channel (highlights) are yet to be known.
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    Ok let's get real
    German football is like French and Scottish football where the same team wins year after year get  the point.
    Most if not all are tuning in out of morbid curiosity about seeing a live match behind closed doors without a fan in slight in preparation for the prem restarting.
    Personally I think that's not going to happen as it only takes one player to go down with 19 thereby isolating the whole first team.
    I would love it to restart so the all conquering reds could mass a record breaking 110 points but sadly can't see it.😪

    Ignore this if you disagree. 
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