BBCiPlayer won`t cooperate .

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At present I have only one internet socket.Normally I use it for a laptop. Plugging in the Youview box for BBCiPlayer they ask me to log on and sign in with a code number.(Code number 1 )
I jot down the details and switch plugs to get the BBC site. The Youview picture seems to detect a fault at this stage and I get involved with that . It gives me a different code. (Code number 2 )
  The internet part rejects the Code 1 ,so I feed it Code 2 . It seems happy enough. All is good . 
Then I reconnect the plug to Youview.  The screen has already shown my name. But trying the BBC I Player returns me to ------See the BBC site and Log In. Just like those old black and white Cowboy films running round the same rocks again and again .  I bookmarked the page where I thought it had accepted me .  
Happy days .


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    That's because the YouView box needs an internet connection to be able to receive the token generated by you entering the activation code on your laptop.

    Catch 22 I'm afraid! Both devices need to be connected :(

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    I’ve never seen a setup with only one internet socket. How come? Even the wildly underspecified NowTV routers have two.

    And does your laptop not have WiFi? And have you not got a smartphone?

    When communing with the Attenborough, I use a handheld WiFi device to reach the BBC website.

    But even without, all is not lost. A £13 Ethernet switch from Curry’s, plus one extra, short, Ethernet cable, will expand your one socket into four or more. And even though it’s called a switch, it’s really more of a distributor, so all four sockets on it work at once; there’s nothing you actually have to switch, at all.
    Amazon have them too, and Argos as well, no doubt.
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