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Hi, Im looking to try a bt box before I possibly sign up and have seen a box for sale but it is different from the others the front just has a silver BT in a silver circle a DTR-T2100, is this a new version or old, its supposed to have been a new replacement.
What should i be looking for to see the latest boxes in model or serial numbers please.


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    Even though it was released on the market in 2014 the T2100 is part of the current offerings.
    What catches the unwary out is it is not wi fi enabled so unless your router and box are close enough for a cable connection  (ethernet) you will need to use powerline adapters. 
    This obviously carries more expense.
    But yes it is a new box.
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    @Mark65 BT's new logo comprising  of the letters BT in a circle started to be rolled out from about August last year.
    The DTR T4000 (500Gb) tends to be the loan box supplied by BT for new BT TV subscriptions at the moment on fibre broadband.
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    Thanks, I've cancelled sky so I'm looking for an alternative and you view with now TV and Netflix seems good, it's just all platforms seem to have problems.
    You view seems to have the best epg after sky and virgin, mind you my now TV stick ist slow, I give one a try.
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    Personally think the epg is better on youview as you can actually scroll back a week to access catch up.
    Going Sky sub free your box will pay for itself in a matter of months.  Enjoy
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    It’s worth summarising your options here:-

    Signing up to BT means going back on subscription, it means you have to have BT as your ISP, BT will loan you a box for the length of your subscription, which as above will probably be the newest and most capable YouView box, the T4000. 

    A second box is always handy, and ownership is nice, but if you only want one box, you might want to do some more exploring, rather than laying out for a box, deciding to choose BT TV, and getting a loaner box from them anyway.

    Though you will need to find out what broadband speeds you can sign up for, as BT’s best services are quite demanding on broadband speeds.

    BT have exclusive packages of options for additional internet channels, and for sport, that many people find attractive. They also offer Netflix and NowTV; nothing you can’t get by subscribing to these two services from anywhere, except that with BT you do have a single integrated subscription for the lot, which some people find handy, and also that BT carry the NowTV services as channels in their internet offering.

    Though if you have two YouView boxes, it costs extra to have BT TV on both.

    Alternatively, you can buy a YouView box, often quite cheaply, like the T2100 you found, use it with any ISP, get all the Freeview channels, have your own separate subscriptions to Netflix and NowTV, via the YouView box or on the Stick, and generally get everything except the extra BT TV services, own your box, don’t pay any BT TV subscriptions. But you do have to pay for your box up front. 

    This was a bigger deal when they were pushing £200 than it is now, and also back then, when BT let you own the box (which they don’t now), it was actually cheaper to take the minimum term of subscription to BT TV than buy a box, if you had or chose BT as your ISP.

    As someone who is sport-blind, and even though my ISP is BT, can’t get above 25Mbps here, I have gone the non-subscription route. But I think the sport tips it for a lot of people.

    For balance, I should mention that TalkTalk also offer a YouView subscription service, which, if TalkTalk are or could be your ISP, you might also want to explore.
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
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