Interesting behaviour from Smart TV

redchizredchiz Member, Super User Posts: 5,476 ✭✭✭
OK, upgrade time has arrived and i have just bought an LG Smart TV.

Delighted with it, although they should really offer a training course to set these things up, still coming to terms with learning all the functions.

Anyway, as you connect various external devices it identifies them for you and names them accordingly.

Curiously though, my DTR 2000 retail Humax box on a TalkTalk broadband connection is now know as - BT TV!

No issues with it working and the LG Magic Remote is outstanding, controlling every connected device. But just a bit odd I thought?


  • Steve OliverSteve Oliver Member Posts: 90 ✭✭
    Not as strange as, likewise on an LG Smart TV, my retail YouView box on BT broadband, being named "TalkTalk"!! You can, thankfully rename the names they're given and mine is now "YouView". :)

  • redchizredchiz Member, Super User Posts: 5,476 ✭✭✭
    Cheers @Steve Oliver how bizarre. I haven't found a way to change it yet, I am still to go on that training course!  🙂
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