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Just got new box but can’t get past Broadband set up page - we can’t set up via internet as we share box and too far away to connect Ethernet cable Can anyone help please?


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    YouView boxes are better when connected to the internet, so ideally you'd get either a Homeplug setup (£20-£30) or a Wi-Fi extender with access point or a bridge without extender (£12-£20) to bring an ethernet point closer.

    If you got the box free from BT or TalkTalk to go with a TV plan, you should speak to them as you need an internet connection to view the subscription channels.

    But if you got the box at retail or second-hand and intend to run it disconnected from the internet, you can do that (with the loss of players, thumbnails and other degradations in the interface), but you must first set the box up while it's connected to the internet, as you've seen. Once it's setup you may disconnect it. So you'll have to move the box next to your router in the first instance to set it up - and perhaps use a small TV or computer monitor to see what to do.
    If you have the opposite problem with your aerial connection, that it won't reach when the box is next to the router, you can set up the box with no channels, then re-tune it in the settings menu when it's back next to the aerial.

    Let us know if this helps. If you need more info, let us know where you got the box and more about your expected networking / aerial / room setup.

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    Basically you have 2 options 
    Buy a set of powerline adapters (argos Curry's  etc) You simply plug one into your router and the other into your youview box. 

    Connect your youview box temporary to your router,  either at yours or a friend's. Once past the connect broadband stage your good to go.
    Obviously using the latter means your youview box is effectively just a freeview box and you'll miss out on what youview brings to the table. 
    Good luck.
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    Thank you for your help which was more than BT offered after 45 mins chat - the box is brand new bought  privately - not knowing what ‘youview’ offers we may have to settle for just freeview - we mainly wanted it for recording- we thought of a WiFi repeater as maybe cheaper than power lines? but failing this we will try set up initially near the router (just didn’t want to bother our employer who lives below us and has the router) and just have freeview (hopefully also pick up the missing channels - bbc Scotland - Quest Red + 1 - Nhk world) We recently set up a Humax Freesat Box in France easy as pie no internet needed - why this has to be so difficult lord only knows!!  Very grateful for your time and advise 5*
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    Powerline adapters in my option are far better than wifi extenders even if get the ones with access point.
    I myself use TP Link powerline adapters with pass though 300mpbs that I got from Amazon over 3 years ago for the box in my living room. Cost me about £45 at the time
    The ones in the link are a newer version to the ones im using.
    You will find to get the full use out of Youview you will need to connect the box to the internet.
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    You say your employer lives beneath you - do you share the same mains circuit (i.e. (s)he pays the supply company for the electricity you use) or have you got a separate meter?

    If the former, and your employer is willing to give up a slot on his/her router, then PLAs are the answer; if the latter,  or you can’t have a slot, then PLAs probably aren’t the answer.

    You can, as described above, just about use a YouView box for watching and recording Freeview without the internet, after the initial setup, but you won’t get any software updates, and you won’t get any thumbnails (the little pictures that go with the programmes), and of course you won’t be able to use catchup, nor anything that relies on catchup, such as ‘watch from start‘ on programmes you are a little late for the start of.

    So my money, if you are on a separate mains circuit or won’t be granted a router port, is on a WiFi repeater, with an Ethernet out for the wired connection to the YouView box.

    You may be able to configure a WiFi repeater, which will look to the router like just one more wireless connection, remotely, without needing access to your employer’s router at all; but even if you do need access, this will just be for a few minutes, and likely one time only.
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    Thank you to everyone who gave help and advise - I've bought some Powerline adaptors as we share the same Mains Circuit and most of you recommend this avenue over the WIFI Repeater - so I'll see if I can use the router if that fails I'll set it up via the internet then I'll make do with just the Freeiew Channels and Recorder - last ditch option might be repeater with Ethernet cable to Box - I'm grateful for the time you all have given to help me I knew there are still some nice Guys around!!
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