DTR T2100 setup stalls at internet connection

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Hi, well my second-hand box has been working fine for a couple of months now but last night, at exactly 8pm, we were watching a recorded program and a message appeared to tell us another program was about to be recorded - just as the message appeared the screen froze and then went totally blank and the box stopped responding to anything we did on the remote.
Long story short, by 9pm I was on this forum trying to find an answer and decided the best course of action was a factory reset from the Maintenance mode page. I first tried option 2 (factory reset, keep recordings) but when it got to the Internet connection stage of the reset it told me it was not connecting to the internet. After much checking (everything else in the house was connected to the internet just fine and the DTR T2100 was appearing in the list of devices connected to the router) I decided to try option 4 (internet reset, keep recordings).  It managed to download just fine (showing it is connected to the internet) but then again stalled at the Internet connection.
I have checked the "Manual connection" and all the settings look fine, I even tried setting the secondary DNS to another DNS server I know. If I click on Connection help nothing happens except sometimes the box reboots shortly after doing so.
What is it trying to reach to determine whether it is connected or not?  Clearly not the same place as it downloads the software from.  And if that place is not available then surely I would not be the only person to be suffering.
I am not so fussed about the recordings but I got the feeling that I would hit the same problem if I tried either of the other options that lost them so thought I would come here before I try those options.
Here's a picture of the label on the bottom just in case there's anything useful to be gleaned from it:

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    Hi @FixItDik

    I have sent you a Private Message with a couple of questions regarding your issue :smile:

    Thank you,
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    Hi all,

    just in case anyone else gets stuck in the "Connecting to the internet" step while doing a Maintenance mode reset with "keep recordings" option I can just let you know that it appears to be nothing to do with the internet connection but is more likely to be related to the HDD in some way. Louise and the team are still investigating things their side but as it is a wet bank holiday weekend I was under pressure to get the box working again so couldn't wait until they got back on Tuesday, we didn't have that many recordings to worry about so, after one last try at the "Internet reset (keep recordings)" option and seeing it fail at the "Connecting to the internet" step of the setup process (having already downloaded the software from the internet) I decided to go for the full "Factory reset (lose recordings)" option and the box is back up and running.
    Why do I say it might be an HDD issue? Well two reasons but no evidence: (1) the only difference between "keep recordings" and "lose recordings" would in my mind be a re-formatting of the HDD, probably prior to the "Connecting to the internet" step in the setup; and (2) the whole problem started when I was watching one program and another started recording. It's not that this should be unusual, in fact I am sure we have seen that message ("Program XYZ is starting recording") many times but it is possibly the most activity the HDD gets in normal operation.

    So, don't give up on the box, just give up on the recordings, it might save you buying a new box.

    Happy Bank Holiday to you all

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