Recording with Internet off?

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Going away for a couple of weeks.  Can I turn the router off or will that prevent sceduled recordings?


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    @Krister Hallergard

    No, you should be able to record solely from the OTA signal.

    But why turn your router off? If, while you are away, you spot a programme you would like to record, you will need the router active to do that.

    We certainly would never turn ours off, so we can see who is at the front door, and control our heating, remotely while we are away.

    I’m sure we save more energy by letting our house drop to a minimum temperature while we are away, and putting the heating back up the day before we return, than we ever would by having the router off.

    And of course, when we come back, we don’t have to wait for our internet speeds to climb out of the toilet 😛
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  • Thank you @Roy
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