New BT youview + box remote control slow / not working

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Received and went live with my Youview + box from BT 2 days ago. Box is updated and working as expected. However remote control has been slow or unresponsive 50% of the time. Factory reset box and reset remote control a couple of times and it’s not long before I get the same problem. Batteries in remote changed as a precaution still no good. I’ve plugged a usb keyboard into the youview Box and able to navigate ok without a delay. Do you think it’s a faulty New remote control? I read on one of these pages that someone had a similar problem last week following a software update? Thanks 


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    Greetings @cliff and welcome to the Community!

    With a brand-new box from BT that does sound like it might have a faulty remote, your best bet is to call BT on the support number you will have been given, and see what they say. They should be able to walk you through some tests, and more importantly, arrange for any replacements needed.

    But you shouldn’t be having to try multiple resets, and battery changes in the remote, on a box that is only a couple of days old.
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    Thanks Roy 
    Will explore that then advise if still an issue. 
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    Hi Roy got a new remote control and it’s marginally improved however still the same problem. I have a 10 year old Panasonic plasma tv and I’ve seen a comment somewhere that this can effect the remote control?  I bought some magic tape and Put tape on the front of the you view box where the censor is but made no difference? Any advice welcome please? Thanks 
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    Ah yes, plasma TVs can play havoc with YouView boxes. And it is the box they affect, not the remote.

    So the first thing to arrange is that, as far as possible, the YouView box doesn’t ‘see’ the plasma TV, by moving either it or the YouView box backwards a bit, perhaps under a shelf if you have an AV unit suitable for that.

    I don’t know about magic tape - what is that? But a little bit of black gauze over the magic eye, which seems to damp down  the radiation from the plasma TV but still lets the remote signal through, is known to be effective.

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    Thanks Roy I will try those suggestions and let you know how I get on 
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    Hi roy unfortunately I’ve tried your suggestions but still doesn’t seem to work. I have Bt calling me back later today - if I suggest changing my Bt YouView + box to the ultra Hd 4k Version will I still get the same problem you think? 
    I’ve heard a rumour BT are moving away from YouView from a comment on social media, heard anything please? Cheers
    ps when I use the kids led tv on the YouView + box it seems to work ok 
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    Hi; did you find where the magic eye is on the YouView box?

    I think it’s top right on the fascia, but you can see it if you shine a bright light on there - a torch or the torch function of a smartphone - and make sure the gauze masks that.

    If still not OK, try doubling the thickness, until either it cures the problem, or the remote doesn’t work at all.

    I don’t think changing the YouView box for a T4000 will improve things; though as you have found, eliminating the plasma TV works. Hard to give up those inky blacks for the sake of YouView, though.

    Another solution would be to deck the box in a Handmaid’s Tale style bonnet, or an eyeshade, to stop the plasma interference coming from above.

    Or get a cardboard box, cut the bottom out and the flaps off, to make a shield you can put over the box, a little bit of YPE; not the last word in style, exactly, but probably effective.

    Here’s my T2000, unnecessarily shielded from my perfectly harmless LED TV, and already shielded by my TV stand anyway, but sporting an Amazon shield (never mind the product, just use the packaging) over its magic eye, which is about halfway in from the left towards the centre ring on this model, different from where yours is. But you should get the idea, at least 🧢

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    Roy mentioned this thread to me as I previously had similar problems as described here. My issue was due to IR interference. To describe my problem was that my TV picture mode (on a plasma TV) was set to the ‘dynamic’ mode which was somehow interfering with the IR on the youview box - by generating light frequencies I guess that interfere with the IR reception. Setting my TV to any other picture mode other than Dynamic (‘standard’ mode is the best mode anyway) and the unresponsiveness problem of the remote completely disappeared. Other things to mitigate what I experienced included - if for some reason you like your TV picture mode in Dynamic mode - is to reduce the backlight setting on the TV until the problem goes away, or alternatively placing a thin piece of paper over the IR receiver on the youview box which acts as a filter. Actually both these other mitigations resolve the problem too. Give it a try, see if it helps. First thing to check is your TV picture mode setting. If none of these work then probably is a faulty box.  I would also turn off any other light sources in your room as a check too.
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    Thanks Roy and chips2

    i have tried most of the above and seen a bit of improvement but not a complete fix. I know it’s the Plasma tv because when I plug a 32 in LED in the remote control works well. 
    BT have provide me with a replacement you view plus box but that don’t improve anything
    They also kindly sent me a ultra HD box to try when I explained the problem. This was a bit better but still had a few issues. 

    My plasma TV is 10 years old so I have made the decision to buy a new TV  as I would of replaced it within he next year or so anyway I feel. 

    I’m looking at buying a Hisense U8QF - 65"
    However I don’t want to buy a tv that won’t be compatible with the Ultra HD BT YouView box. 
    BT TV website says the following is needed for compatibility
    Needs to have HDCP2.2 content protection? No idea what this is and I can’t see anything related to this on the Hisense websites? 
    A picture resolution of 2160p50 - I think this is ok by the looks of it

    Any help you can give confirming the above would be grateful please?
    Do you recall anyone with a Hisense TV having similar remote control issues please? Thanks again 
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    Fully connected
    Fitted with four HDMI sockets, the 65U8QFTUK has all you need for connecting sources. All of these sockets are HDMI 2.0 version with HDCP 2.2, making this TV compatible with UHD Blu-ray players and 4K HDR streaming services. Other connections include twin USB sockets – perfect for connecting media devices and playing back music, photos and video. Throw in an optical connection for a soundbar/base and you've everything you need in an HDR TV.

    And as the remote control interference is restricted to Plasma TVs, and this Hisense is not one of those, I would not anticipate any similar remote control problems with it.
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