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Why do programmesome only half record?


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    Suzieq said:
    Why do some programmes only half record?
    (I think)

    Greetings @Suzieq and welcome to the Community!

    Literally only half recorded (i.e. 30 minutes of a one hour programme) or are you exaggerating a couple of minutes being clipped off the end of some recordings?

    If the former, how full is your disc? The above can happen if it is nearly full, and you haven’t got the box set to delete the oldest programmes to make space.

    Or maybe your box needs a reset; while not recording nor about to, press the On/Standby button on the box for just over 8 seconds and let it soft reboot.

    Or it might need a more drastic reset if this is still ineffective; come back and ask if so.

    But if this is just clipping you are experiencing, then this is down to the broadcasters, and you need to take it up with them.

    Well, sort of. YouView time the start and stop of programmes using a Freeview feature laughingly called Accurate Recording, which relies on the broadcasters transmitting a flag between programmes to mark the transition.

    In theory, this is very powerful, as the broadcasters can move the flag to mark the exact transition, if programmes overrun or underrun. But only the big broadcasters like the BBC have dedicated teams to do this; the high-number boys just tend to run the flag off their EPG, irregardless of reality. Which, amazingly perhaps, they are perfectly well allowed to do.

    But YouView go on their own sweet way, pretending that ‘proper’ AR is universal, and declining to provide any mechanism, like padding for instance, to help us alleviate this.

    But the broadcasters who do (in)AR can at least be named and shamed; so if this is what you mean by ‘half record’, what examples of it do you have, and on what channels?
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