DTR-T4000 - Stuck in maintenance mode, multiple restores fail

Hi - My Youview DTR-T4000 keeps on booting up into maintenance mode. I selected a "factory reset and deleting recordings", i then got a message "Sorry, selected option failed".
I then selected "Internet / USB, delete recordings", it downloaded new file completely, then screen moved to progressing (bar fully white), i then got a message "Sorry, selected option failed".
As the box is out of warranty i took the hard drive out and connected to my PC, I can see many active partitions on the DTR-4000 hard drive, so at least the 1Tb hard drive is ok. I don't know if it helps but its sysid = 87B0.8500.
Is there any further diagnostics i can do or is it a brick?
Yours stuck..


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 17,596 ✭✭✭

    Brick, I fear.

    Is it my imagination, or are we seeing a spate of T4000 failures at the moment?
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