BT packages on a Sony TV.

I apologise in advance for the complexity of this email. I have contacted both PlusNet (My internet provider), Sony and BT about this. Whilst they are all very helpful, non can give me a definitive answer or indeed sort the issue.

I have a broadband Tv package from 'Plus net' which includes the BT sports package. I use this to watch Eurosport and Moto GP . I am not a football fan so do not use the football related channels. I did watch these channels via a BT you view set top box, This enabled me to pause the broadcasts, set timers to record and record one channel whilst viewing another, as I am sure you are aware, these features are part of the you view package. 
I bought a new Sony TV. (KD 48A9BU) because it came with 'you view' already installed in it. Therefore I no longer need my set top box.

All well and good, it took me  a couple of days to get to grips with the new TV.
 I discovered that the youview  in the TV does not have the 'Sports' channels in it such as Eurosort or BT, that are available with the set top box.

I contacted Plusnet, they did their best but admitted that they had no idea why the channels are not available. They said they only provide the service and I should contact BT. I did so. Again they were very helpful, and we got the BT app working on the TV, but it does not include Eurosport channels. Again they had no idea why the You view application within the TV does not access these channels. They referred me to yourselves.

So, after all that. How do I get the same channels on my new youview equipped sony tv. That were available on  my old set top box?
Many thanks.


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    Greetings @Schrimy and welcome to the Community!

    You said:-

    I bought a new Sony TV (KD 48A9BU) because it came with 'youview' already installed in it. Therefore I no longer need my set top box.

    And let me stop you right there, because YouView on these TVs is very much a subset of YouView on the boxes; only one tuner, you can’t record, apps are determined by Sony not YouView (with the exception of the itv Hub and All4), and so on.

    And another thing you don’t get on the TV ‘YouView’ is the extra subscription channels you can have provided by your ISP on a YouView box; which is why you can’t get the PlusNet-provided Eurosport subscription channels.

    I can’t imagine why these differences should have puzzled PlusNet, BT or Sony, as they have been well-known since day 1, in 2015, when YouView launched on these sets.

    Maybe now, though, you feel you have been missold; but equally, maybe you would have bought the Sony for its unrivalled picture quality, and perhaps other factors anyway.

    If so, then keep enjoying the set, and all the YouView features it does have that make it straightforward to use, and familiar, too, from your experience with YouView on the box.

    But equally, hang onto the YouView box, plug it into the TV; let the Sony TV picture processing show you what it can do with the Eurosport feed, and worry not that it’s coming from your box, and not directly from the TV!
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
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    Roy, Thank you. At least now I have and answer and do not feel like I am missing something in all the menu's and  'Help' from the providers.
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