Issue with Scheduled recordings

GeoffMGeoffM Member Posts: 1
I have 2 scheduled recordings on my DTR T2100 that are erroring saying the have a scheduling problem.This appears to be caused by BT sport switching the planned channel that they will broadcast (BT Sport Xtra) from one channel to another. I cannot delete the planned recordings or re-programme the recordings and have done a factory reset (keeping recordings) and also checked that my software is up to date. How do I fix this please?


  • SarahSarah Administrator Posts: 1,688 admin
    Hi @GeoffM

    Welcome to the forum :) 

    Can you please let us know the following information: 
    • Your box manufacturer and component software versions (Settings > Software Information) 
    • If BT Sport Xtra was set as a single or a series recording
    • The channel it was supposed to be broadcast on
    • Where you are trying to delete the scheduled recording (pressing delete on the remote or through the info section when you highlight the recording and clicking delete

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