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Got an issue, where recordings aren't starting when they should and it only seems to be BBC channels. For example I had a show set to record at 19:15 but it didn't start as scheduled. When I checked channel 101 the on screen EPG/description was still showing the previous programme. So the box thinks it hasn't started yet as soon as I reselect 101 the recording starts. This happens regularly. Sometimes I select 101 and the on screen description shows Breakfast even when it's evening time, a few seconds later it updates to the current programme. It's almost as if the on screen EPG isn't catching up quick enough. Hope this makes sense to someone 🤞🤞


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    Our Samsung TVs do this; the info of what channel we were last on, and the programme we were last watching, comes up initially, to be replaced very quickly by the current channel and programme details as the set wakes itself up.

    So nothing that should worry you there.

    As regards the BBC programme start times, YouView uses a system called Accurate Recording, where it looks for what is called the Present/Following marker between programmes, and starts and stops its recordings according to this.

    And the P/F marker for every channel is sent out on every other channel; that’s how a YouView box that isn’t even tuned to the channel you have set a recording on knows to switch to it and start recording.

    AR allows broadcasters to adjust when the P/F marker is sent, so that when, for example a programme that is supposed to finish at 19:15 doesn’t finish until 19:20, the P/F marker can be moved to 19:20. So people recording the first programme don’t lose the last five minutes, and people recording the next programme don’t get five minutes of the previous recording that they don’t want.

    But the BBC are one of the few broadcasters that use AR assiduously; lots of other broadcasters just drive then off the EPG times, which saves them a lot of effort, but rather negates the point of AR.

    What you haven’t made clear though, is if you are actually losing any minutes off the programmes you are recording from the BBC? 

    Since when you start flicking round the channels at the nominal start time of a recording you are making, and the programme then starts recording, you need to be clear if it was something you did, or just P/F kicking in anyway.

    We have had reports in the past where certain combinations of tuned channels and requested recording channels didn’t quite work as planned, but those were long ago fixed.

    So; what programme exactly, time and date, on what channel (probably 101), were you trying to record, and what two channels, if you can recall, was your YouView box set to at the time?
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    Hi Roy, thanks for the info. We were recording Strictly on Sunday night. I made sure the channel was on 101. It was all scheduled to go. My son then changed the Channel to CITV I think. A while later I noticed that the recording hadn't started so changed the channel back to 101 where the on screen display showed Country file. As you said it quickly changed to Strictly and the recording started, the show had been on for about 10 minutes so the recording didn't record those 10 minutes. The previous times this has happened have been in similar circumstances and not just BBC. A scheduled recording hasn't started because the channel information hasn't caught up and it still thinks a previous programme is on. Hope this makes sense it's hard to describe in a more technical term 
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    It sounds as though one of your Youview box tuners isn't working.
    I experienced the symptoms that you describe with a Sky box, when one of the tuners stopped receiving a signal because of a corroded connection on the LNB.
    The workaround, until the connection was fixed, was to make sure that the box was tuned to the channel that had recordings scheduled. I wasn't able to watch, or record from, another channel, but I made do for a while.
    There is no similar fix for a Youview box, but if you are in contract with TV from your ISP, you could ask them for a replacement box.
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    @jonesh @heno76

    An interesting theory, perhaps checkable by setting two recordings on different channels, and ideally different muxes, e,g. 101 and 107, and seeing if both record or not.

    But certainly, switching to watch CITV when you have two working tuners and (I presume) only one scheduled programme coming up to record, should not prevent the recording from being made, as both tuners should get the 101 P/F marker, no matter what they are tuned to.

    YouView’s recording logic is a bit of a closed book to us, but I would imagine that the tuner showing CITV, knowing that there was a single recording coming up, would assume that the other tuner would handle it, and might not know if the other tuner wasn’t there.

    I still think that getting the ‘old’ programme info shown momentarily is a red herring; the tuner knows from the P/F markers what programme is actually being broadcast at the time, and is just putting up a display that it has cached until it can collect and display the current information. But if anyone knows different, please contradict me.

    The only slight remaining mystery then, is how the tuner knows to start recording Strictly if it has missed the P/F marker; but I can posit several mechanisms by which this might be achieved, and I just don’t know which, if any, of these is actually being used.

    Either way, you should put the box through a Maintenance Mode Option 2 and, preferably, a subsequent Maintenance Mode Option 4, to try to eliminate the possibility that the problems being experienced are just down to local software corruption, rather than something more permanent such as a hardware fault or a bug in the YouView software/firmware.
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
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