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I started watching a recording and noticed the PVR button on the remote was constantly red. I fiddled with the buttons in case one was stuck and the light went off. Whilst doing this the recording stopped playing so I went in to start it up again and it wont work. This is a recording within a series. I tried playing a single recording and it played. So I tried another program where I had several shows from the series to watch and it wouldn’t work. I changed the batteries, reset the remote and I also tried another remote that I had, but the box will only play a recording that is not part of a series. It seems that all the buttons on the remote work. You can see in the picture the program I was watching as it says “continue watching” but it wont play.I’m so confused!


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    Hi Claire,
    My box has had that same problem once or twice - ie won't play a series recording - but in my case I don't recall any issue wiht the remote at the time i think it was just one of those things. It did sort itself out in the end, I think I had to reboot the box though, so that might be worth a try - hold the standby button for about 10 seconds until it restarts. Might help, might not, but worth a try if you haven't already.
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    @Claire @Rob P

    I concur with Rob P that the stuck remote button was probably a coincidence, and that the 10-second soft reset via the Standby button on the box is the first thing to try.

    And let’s hope it works. But if not, problems with recordings often indicate disc corruption, and it looks like the Series index may have been affected, but not the index for individual programmes.

    This usually needs a Factory Reset, thus losing all your recordings; but it may be enough, in your case, just to delete all your Series recordings, if Delete is still possible, which may clear the faulty index.

    Worth a try, anyway, before employing the nuclear option.
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