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SandySSandyS Member Posts: 2
 I have been reading on the Youview advice on using the Watch list and it says please note it is not possible to add a programme directly from the on demand player .We having been doing exactly this since it became available . We get a programme back from our tv screen guide on demand and start  close as soon as the programme starts and it automatically gets put on the watch list in to it through our guide. This also happens if we start watching a programme off of BT player as well . Is this faulty or a lovely fluke . Thanks . Hope you all stay and Have a Good Christmas x


  • jimbjimb Member, Super User Posts: 1,274 ✭✭✭
    What you've described is (I think) exactly how YouView is supposed to work. 
    So yes - it's a "lovely fluke". :)
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