Samsung Q95t with one connect.

has anyone used their Talktalk you view box with a Samsung one connect box.  How have you made the connection?  Mine isn’t working via a hdmi connection. Thanks.  


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    My Humax T4000 YouView box is plugged via an HDMI cable into the One Connect box on my Samsung UE55JS9000, and has worked perfectly there for years.

    At the HDMI connection level there is nothing special about YouView boxes, so I would:-
    (a) try a different HDMI port on the One Connect
    (b) try on the port you are using now with a different HDMI cable
    (c) try on the port you are using now with a different device, e.g. a BluRay player or some such.
    (d) try the YouView box and current HDMI cable on another TV, if you can.

    It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that either the TalkTalk YouView box has failed, or the One Connect box has failed; but I have never heard of a failed interaction between a working One Connect box and a working YouView box over a working HDMI cable.
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
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